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“Jim Cockrum and Walter Hay's Proven China Sourcing Will Show You How To Find the Best Supplies, Products and Prices So You Can Build A Successful Online Business"

Proven China Sourcing Course

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This unique guide will show you how to find the best suppliers, best products and best prices and how to easily organize the importing procedure.

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I was looking for resources to buy more inventory. This is a very laborious task if you are searching for wholesale companies and trying to search each one and finding the best.

I came across Jim Cockrum and Walter Hay’s e-book Import Direct From China and read through it very quickly.

Proven China Sourcing is the sourcing book for the rest of us. Forget what you know about wholesale being difficult, expensive, and out of reach. Forget expensive member sites and endless hours of researching. This guide is for you.

Jim Cockrum, owner of Proven Amazon Course  is the co-contributor with Walter Hay on this book.  Walter has a very long personal experience of Direct Import from China.  He has been importing since 1987.  The content in this book will be enormous and powerful resources along with proven methods on helping unlock a successful online business.  Jim and Walter has a winning reputation & results which are second to none.

As promised – This Proven China Sourcing will help you find solutions on how to choose suppliers and getting orders.  Learning rules, regulations and the order procedures.  This book is primarily about how to source products. It's not about exactly WHAT to source nor is it an in depth manual about How to sell it. Those topics are covered thoroughly in other places such as course “Proven Amazon Course”.

As a reader of this book you will get a great discount on the course the “Proven Amazon Course” if you don't have it yet.

Recently the “Proven China Sourcing” training that is sold here was added as supplemental material to the best selling and most comprehensive “how to sell on Amazon” course in the world – the (we call it PAC). Your purchase of the “Proven China Sourcing” entitles you to a $48 discount on the PAC course at any later date should you choose to upgrade. We’ll send you the link when you order.

Over the years Jim has uncovered numerous legitimate strategies for finding profitable products to sell. Walter, Jim and his team will stand by ready to help you with any questions you might have.

Here is the Table of Content that will reveal the inside secrets of Proven China Sourcing:

Table of Contents of

Proven China Sourcing

1. Is Importing Complicated?
2. Before You Start
3. Rules and Regulations
4. Freight
5. The Difference Between Air Freight and Air Courier Services
7. Understanding Agencies and Distributorships Standards
9. Where To Locate Products To Import
10. How To Get Suppliers To Come To You
11. Choosing Suppliers
12. Samples and Small Orders
13. Calculating Actual Cost
14. Payment Terms
15. Traveling to Source Supplies
16. Order Procedure and Checklist
17. Drop-Shipping Explained
18. Countries Other Than China?
19. “Just in Time” Ordering System
20. Sources of Free Information
21. Fulfillment Services
22. Glossary of Terms With Warnings

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If you wish to get a list of dependable and guarantee suppliers, a Step-by-Step Guide to Contact Suppliers with be a bonus with this Proven China Sourcing ebook.

Can Importing Complicated?

Many sites on the internet make you believe it can be very difficult.  Many import guides are very misleading, some very out-dated and others use terminology that frankly want you believe they are experts.  But the simple answer is, if you know and have the knowledge it can be very easy. 

Not only do they want you to think they are experts, but they want to you think it is complicated or need a degree, and only big corporations should or can handle importing. Scared you into tactics that importing on your own can be risky.  The truth is that many importers hope to act as wholesalers to sell products to you in bulk. They then want you to sell those products to the consumers for a profit.

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